If you're a Tax Accountant who wants to do more for your clients than the basic accounting and compliance package, then this is for you ...

Our Tools and Training Make It Simple For Busy Tax Accountants To Give Clients Practical Business Advice.

Everything you need to confidently guide and advise your clients on how to get better financial results in their businesses.

Simplifying Business

Business owners across Australia are crying out in silence for help and guidance with their businesses. The person they trust most is their Accountant and just looking after their compliance affairs is no longer enough. They need more, much more.

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Simple tools that allow you to deliver life changing business advice to your clients.

  • ClientSAFE™ Tool Kit

    A ‘carry with you anywhere’ Kit containing concept diagrams and financial ready reckoner financial tables that make it easy to open the conversation and talk ‘business’ with a client or prospect.

  • AdvisorM8™ software

    A simple piece of software that allows you to develop financial strategies focused on improving not only profit and cash flow but also return on investment of a clients business.

  • ClientM8™ software

    Identifying and targeting you ‘ideal’ client becomes easy using ClientM8™ software. With 10 Customisable ‘value criterion’ you’ll quickly and easily see who your ‘real’ best clients are and won’t waste anymore time attracting the wrong ones.

What Other Practitioners

"The ready reckoners provided by Kerry are excellent and so practical and easy to use. Within two days of training I put them to great use with a client who was very nervous about increasing her prices... With the ready reckoner I could allay her fears...
By Monday morning, she had emailed her clients notifying them of a price rise. The Entrepreneurial cycle will be a great eye opening for clients ...”

Coral Page FIPA
Coral Page FIPA Knox Taxation and Advisory, Boronia, Vic

Just want to say thank you for our First Training day. You delivered such a in-depth overview on the Tools & products, We can see how these tools can be so dynamic to our clients & to ourselves in our growth ... Once again, Excellent presentation & we can't wait for next week.

Peter Holmes  FIPA
Peter Holmes FIPA PLH Accountants, East Maitland, NSW

Just who is this bloke…. Kerry King of Global Business Mentoring…

Another self-proclaimed guru of Business Advisory material wanting to get a fresh buck out of ME, the Accountant of 23 years, with his own business now for 18 years… ???


What value, what simplicity in presentation, that will all assist in raising the right questions, and presenting the right diagrams to finally help the client at a level that they will understand and value.

Mark Trimmer  FCPA
Mark Trimmer FCPA M D Trimmer & Co. Parkes, NSW

Kerry's accounting experience in advising many small businesses has meant that he can provide solutions for the challenges small business owners face.

He has gone beyond what the average accountant offers, which is essentially compliance services only. Now in his consulting role he is helping small business owners realise their goals.

Another of Kerry's strengths is that he is a straight shooter who will tell his client how it is, something that many small business owners need.

Kevin Garty  CA
Kevin Garty CA Business Coach at Keys To Business

Say About The Experience

"I’d like to thank you Kerry for the software, and training. Outstanding. Compliance has made us either complacent, or lazy, or both. And of those of us that do look at various means of helping our clients, we have a spurt of enthusiasm, followed by falling back into the same-old same-old. I feel differently about your software. Why? Because it is so simple to use, and understand. And that’s what I, and my clients, need.”

Daniel Odd FCPA
Daniel Odd FCPA Accounting Perspective, Ringwood, Vic.

Thanks for the training on the Client Safe Program. It is awesome! So simple yet powerful. What an excellent way to introduce important concepts to clients, in a visual way that they will understand, and to empower them to make real and effective changes in their businesses. I can’t wait to use this with my clients.

Kerri Dickman FCPA
Kerri Dickman FCPA Kerri Dickman & Co. Greenway, ACT.

I have been exploring various options/programs over the past few years ...

My biggest concerns were the astronomical cost of the programs, the excessive amount of time it took to learn the system ...

Kerry’s simple to use process is a great way to get started. It is simple, unobtrusive and very Australian ... just simple, honest guides. I am excited to learn more from Kerry so that I can start being a truly valuable adviser to my clients.

Richard Hinz FCPA
Richard Hinz FCPA Presidential Accounting, Maudsland, ACT.

Kerry has been a prominent figure in the introduction of advisory services to the accounting profession. He was a great advocate of the Principa system and assisted a number of accounting firms with the implementation of these tools.

He then went on to develop his own tools that assist accountants to communicate the benefits of advisory services to their clients without selling... a major breakthrough.

Well done Kerry and keep up the good work.

Peter Lawson FCPA
Peter Lawson FCPA BizConnections

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