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Start Saving Your Clients Something Much More Important Than Income Tax.

You Could be Helping Them Save Their Businesses and Their Homes - Simply by Sharing Your Knowledge of Accounting and Financial Management!


'Join our group of happy clients who love the simplicity of what we offer and can't wait to use it with their clients.'


3 Simple Steps That Will Get You Started.

  • A unique set of consulting tools that comes with my 'ClientSAFE™' Advisor Tool Kit.
  • 'AdvisorM8™' software to 'crunch the numbers' to show the effect small changes in the drivers of profit and cash flow will have on the business and more ...
  • 3 comprehensive training videos to learn my secrets on the no fuss, simple ways to advise clients on getting better business results.

Research Reveals Ugly Truth

Most SME business owners have little or no financial management skills when it comes to business and as a result they struggle to grow their profit and cash flow.

Research over 20 years covering 25,000 SME's * revealed the largest reasons for business failure was due to:

  1. Lack of business management experience, skill and ability - 62.3%,
  2. Inadequate, inaccurate or non-existent books or records - 56.2%.

Not surprisingly, an inability to use or understand financial reports and statements (18.0%) also played a part.

* Alan Williams 1998

Need A Little More Assurance?

Here are 7 practical reasons to start right now.

  • You can be giving clients business advice in less than 30 days
  • You will have the confidence even if you haven't done it before
  • Your clients will be impressed and surprised with the simplicity and value of your advice
  • You get the benefit of my 20+ years of business advisory experience during your training
  • You get 1 on 1 training and coaching sessions with me and not a salesperson
  • You pay a 'once only' price - no monthly ongoing fees.
  • Split payment option available for all Programs

What other Practitioners are saying ...

Richard Hinz FCPA Richard Hinz FCPA, Presidential accounting, Maudsland, Qld.

I have been exploring various options/programs over the past few years ...

My biggest concerns were the astronomical cost of the programs ...

Kerry’s simple to use process is a great way to get started ...

I am excited to learn more from Kerry so that I can start being a truly valuable adviser to my clients.

Daniel Odd, FCPA Daniel Odd, FCPA, Accounting Perspective, Ringwood, Vic.

While I have accumulated numerous tools over my career (some good, some not so good), I  have always struggled with how to present these in a conversation with a client ...

Your visual guides are the link that I have been missing ...

I have already two clients in mind who I must call to have a discussion with.

Alan Elphinstone FIPA Alan Elphinstone FIPA, INPAT Accountants, Sunnybank Qld

“I recently attended a workshop presented by Kerry King titled ‘Tax Accountant to Business Adviser’. Something I have been trying to achieve … I was most interested in the methods Kerry suggested on how to present the ‘Business Adviser’ rather than “Tax Adviser” to the client.

I implemented one of these ideas to a client 2 weeks later and instantly doubled his fees to me for the year. More importantly, he talks to his friends about me not as a tax accountant but as a business adviser.”

Tracey Loubser FIPA Tracey Loubser FIPA, Confident Cashflows,

I have been pretty successful selling SME’s into a $12k-24k annual financial performance package, but have always been on the lookout for some sort of smaller ½ Day type, taste test workshop / package.  I have found that trust increases dramatically when some sort of money is “put on the table”, even if it’s a small amount.

Kerry’s standardized visuals and Profit explorer templates are a great first step, which is going to now be continually included in my “sales process” to prospective customers.  Great work Kerry.

Weekly Advisor Tip Email Series:

The 'Monday Minute

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Melanie Cassy Melanie Cassy, Melanie Cassy & Co.

As a business owner, I really enjoy your Monday Minute. It is a quick and easy read, and a prompt to focus on pertinent aspects of the business, both for ourselves and our clients.

As we move further into the Advisor Role with our clients, we also need to update our own knowledge in this advisory area, as it requires a different skill set.

Also really enjoy the Quote of Week. Some classic words of wisdom. Usually brings a smile to my face as I start the week.

Bill Trindade Bill Trindade, BT Partners

Dear Kerry,

I would like to thank you for including me in your Monday Minute circulation.

I have enjoyed reading and collecting your Monday Minute emails since your first publication in February 2016, they are easy to read, the content is excellent and a valuable resource for both the practitioner and clients. The Weekly Quotes are good too!

Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

Coral Page Coral Page, Knox Taxation & Business Advisory

Kerry - that is brilliant. You have brought a big smile to my face, because you are spot on!!!

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