Take a Journey of Discovery

Learning never stops, not just 'technical' learning but also 'leadership' learning.


In the list below, are 30+ books I have in my library that played a very big part of my development of expertise as not only an Accountant but also as a Business Advisor.

The panel shown on this page provides you with direct access to Amazon.com where I purchased most of these books. The sort of learning I enjoy is the type that expands my thinking through new knowledge and how this will add real value to my clients. So the sorts of books I buy are not just technical, they also focus on people or to put it more precisely, human nature.

I find that the more I understand how people think the more value I can add to our relationship. This improves my communication skill and this speeds up the learning process for my clients. The most expensive book I've purchased cost me $138 back in 1998 and the least expensive was $2 found in a discards bin.

I've purchased both printed and electronic versions and my preference is for the printed version. I get a real buzz walking over to my one of my bookcases and looking at the titles and authors which remind me of the journey of learning I've enjoyed over the past 20 years or so.

I urge you to expand your knowledge beyond that which you might have already acquired or experienced and embark on the journey of continual learning and from now on, in a new direction.