Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do programs of my choice individually?

A. Yes. Each Program builds on the one before it e,g, Level #2 builds on the training from Level #1.

Why should I consider undertaking one of your programs?

A. Because the reputation, practice and fees of many accountants are diminishing in value as people in business outsource their accounting and tax services to services overseas.

Accountants are also under servicing their business clients, some are never sure where their next client is coming from and others lack confidence to provide their business clients with small business advice in simple terms

Our program/s give busy Tax Accountants the confidence to grow and develop their team to provide simple but very effective advice on how to change their client’s business results, progressively and confidently.

What are your programs different from similar programs like this?

A. Our programs cater to accounting professionals of differing skill levels, experience and situations. It is equally suitable for a home based accountant who is just starting out as it is for an accounting practices that has been in business 10 years or more or who have teams of 20 or more staff.

Can I make monthly payments?

A. Yes, this are provided for in our Program Enrolment Forms.

Why should I listen to you?

A. Over the past 5 years, I’ve taught 150+ accountants the secrets to giving simple, uncomplicated business advice potentially adding more than $822 thousand in annual fees to those practices.

Previous to that I spent over 20+ years working in management roles in major construction and development businesses as a financial Accountant ultimately evolving into a business advisor, mentor and educator.

It was at this time I realised the accounting profession was not doing all it could to help the survival and success of small business so this is now my mission and purpose.

Do you offer a guarantee?

A. Yes. our guarantee is published elsewhere on the web site. All Business Tools are provided on a non-refundable basis.

How do I get started?

A. If you’re excited about being part of this forward thinking opportunity so you gain the confidence to grow and develop your skills, your client base, increase your fee’s, the value of each client and become a Trusted Business Advisor long term review the program of your choice and enrol now.