Most Tax Accountants Don't Feel Confident Giving Business Advice To Clients!

You Can Give Business Advice As Good As The Big Guys Without Paying A Fortune For The Privilege Or Turning Your Practice Into A Coaching Business!

Kerry King

National Speaker, Trainer, Published Author and 20 year Veteran Business Advisor Kerry King reveals his simple, easy and affordable solution that allowed him to bill 5 figure annual fees to his clients teaching them the basics in financial management that every Accountant already knows.

Kerry King Business Advisor and Mentor

Ignore the hype associated with some on-line software providers because the truth is, most practices don't need it to become an effective business advisor!

Dear Fellow Practitioner and Professional Advisor,

Feeling physical pain is different from feeling financial pain but they both cause stress and stress leads to bigger problems. And both can keep you up at night robbing you of the sleep you need to get on with life as you want to lead it.

So imagine your place in your clients life as the person who can diagnose the cause of their financial pain and give them the simple advice that will lead to living 'pain free'.

Instead of being the person who usually delivers 'bad news' like how much tax to pay, you are the person who shows them how profit and cash flow can be improved in their business so that paying tax is no longer a problem.

In fact it is a sign of success and becomes just another expense of the business like insurance, rent, electricity etc.

Unfortunately Accounting Practitioners mostly deliver bad news! So why not turn that around and become the bearer of good news for your client, the welcome guest and not the unwanted one. It is so simple and easy to help clients improve their profit and cashflow, and yet most Accounting Practitioners turn away from it. Why?

Because many other solutions being offered cost a lot of time and money to learn and implement. Well not any more.

You can give the sort of advice that is normally expected only from the guys at the BIG end of town, not the suburbs.

You will be able to turn what is perceived by your clients as 'rocket science' into 'common sense' because once you explain the simple concepts that lead to improving profit and cashflow in a business your clients will feel like they've won Gold Lotto.

No more 'bad news' just 'good news' and even if the news is not so good it will be a lot more palatable then it ever was before.

What's needed is simple tools that are easy to use and concepts easy to explain when talking with your clients ...

Your clients need guidance and advice on how to get better financial results from their businesses.

You know this because they pay you every year to prepare a set of financial reports (which they don't read or understand) showing the results of a years hard work resulting in no extra money in the bank, their personal Balance Sheet no better than it was the year before and they still have tax to pay.

The first problem is most of your clients have little to no financial literacy skills and so they can't see (or imagine) how their profit or cash flow can be improved. They don't have your analytical skills.

The second problem is, you as their Accountant are not stepping up and making this situation any better for them and you can, if you choose to.

So what's the solution?

Most of the 'business advisory' stuff you're offered requires ongoing monthly payments to use and a considerable number of hours learning and practice to become proficient. And only about 20% of your client’s needs will be served if you use it.

Having the ability to produce reports containing pages and pages of charts, tables and financial data that only you can understand explains nothing to your client.

What's needed are simple tools that are easy to use and concepts easy to explain to your clients. And starting at less $1,000 you only pay for it once and that's it. No monthly ongoing payments

If you listen carefully next time you speak with a client, you will find that they are 'crying out in silence' for your help. The only question remaining is when will you be ready to answer it?

Other Practitioners have already answered the call and are now talking with their clients in ways the didn't believe they could and their clients are responding.

Those Practitioners are no longer afraid to ask clients 'How's business?'. The reason they are not afraid is because now when their clients tells them they can respond in a positive way with simple advice that puts financial control back into the hands of their clients.

Choose Your 'Advisor Fast-track Program™'

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Satisfaction Guarantee

I am so confident that our ‘Advisor Fast-track Program™is the simplest and fastest way for you to build your reputation as a ‘Tax Accountant and Business Advisor’ I’ll happily work with you until you feel the same – Guaranteed*.


* Guarantee limited to 1 year.

Advisor Fast-track Programs™

Completing an 'Advisor Fast-track Program™' will give you just what you need to build your reputation as a Business Advisor and not just a 'Tax Accountant' without paying a fortune for the privilege.

There is so much 'stuff' out there for Practitioners to 'sign up for' it's hard to know what right for you, your Practice and your clients.

I've always been an advocate of the 'keep it simple' principle. Or as Einstein put it: 'Keep things as simple as possible, but not simpler'.

This is how you'll approach giving clients business advice when you complete one of our 'Advisor Fast-track Programs™', because we 'keep it simple' - and affordable.

Clients don't need reports containing 15 pages of analysis, charts, tables etc.

So the rule for giving business advice is this:'If you can not explain something so that a 7 year old child would understand it, you probably don't understand it well enough yourself!'

When you complete any one of our 'Advisor Fast-track Programs™' you will have all you need to 'keep it simple'. The tools, the training and coaching* so that your clients won't become confused by your advice.

Your confidence will grow so that all F.E.A.R. (F-alse E-xpecation A-ppearing R-eal) of how to give business advice is killed, stone dead.

So make the decision to ignore all of the 'bells and whistles' offered by on-line service providers and you will save time and money. In the vast majority of cases these services provide no real value for your clients.

* Coaching is an option in the 'Basic' program

Practitioners Talk About Business Advisory

Joe Bucolo, Prudent Partners (Accountant)

"Your visual guides are the link that I have been missing ..."

Richard Hinz FCPA Richard Hinz FCPA, Presidential Accounting

I have been exploring various options/programs over the past few years so that I can work with my clients to deliver, value added, business advice rather than just tax advice.

My biggest concerns were the astronomical cost of the programs, the excessive amount of time it took to learn the system and finally whether it really was going to deliver value to the client.

I know this is an area that my clients would value but trying to introduce it and explain the value has been my biggest stumbling block.

Kerry’s simple to use process is a great way to get started. It is simple, unobtrusive and very Australian (No “Ra Ra” lets dance and praise the Gods, just simple, honest guides).

I am excited to learn more from Kerry so that I can start being a truly valuable adviser to my clients.

Daniel Odd FCPA Daniel Odd FCPA, Accounting Perspective

While I have accumulated numerous tools over my career (some good, some not so good), I have always struggled with how to present these in a conversation with a client.

  • How do I lead them to engage me to review their accounts once a month?

  • How do I get them to acknowledge that they need my assistance to strategize regarding pricing? And that pricing is indeed a strategic decision?

  • How can I get the client to understand the concepts that I know, and that they need in order to succeed?

Your visual guides are the link that I have been missing. I, as I guess the majority of accountants, know all this, but have now access to some simple, yet powerful “conversation tools” to assist me.

I have already two clients in mind who I must call to have a discussion with.

"My biggest concerns were the astronomical cost of the programs ..."

Here's what you can expect when you join one of our 'Advisor Fast-track Programs™'

Every Practitioner who enrols in one of our 'Advisor Fast-track Programs™'

will receive these amazing tools with one on one training support.

  • High quality, concept diagrams to help explain the vital Leadership, Profit and Cash Flow improvement techniques every business owner must understand
  • Detailed Ready Reckoner Financial Tables to immediately quantify the financial result of likely profit and cash flow improvement strategies
  • Simple, easy to use financial analysis software to develop and calculate the outcome of financial strategies with amazing speed and accuracy
  • Simple, easy to use client analysis software (optional add ons in 'Basic') so that you get Laser focused identifying your best clients now and for the future
  • One on one training and coaching with an experienced Business Advisor (not a salesman).
  • A choice of Programs to match your Client base and your Practice needs.

For most Practitioners keen to do more with their clients, the difficulty they face is choosing what's best.

  1. What's best suited for them measured on the time spent and money invested scale.
  2. What's best suited (most beneficial) for their clients, and.
  3. What's best suited for the Practice in terms of future direction

Here's why you can make your decision right now!

  • Once only payment means no ongoing monthly fees to pay for a system you hardly use.
  • No concerns about paying for something that very few of your cleints will ever get any benefit from
  • One on one training so that you can ask questions and get immediate answers
  • Your team learn at the same time you do so that everyone can share in the value of the Program
  • You are not tied to your office to use your advisory tools because of the need for an internet connection
  • Your clients will applaud you for speaking 'common sense' and not jargon to them when you provide advice and guidance.
  • Your reputation will grow as you re-position yourself and your Practice through marketing and attract more enquiry.
  • Referrals will be easier for clients to make now that you have a clear point of difference
  • Your confidence to speak at business events will grow because of the simplicity with which you can speak about business advisory services
  • Your fee income will grow without the added pressure of having to add more clients in a tight market
  • You get to choose who you take on as a client now that you've identified your most suitable clients and clearly know the reasons why*
  • 'Fast Track' training means you can start calling clients sooner to 'talk about business' and demonstrate how much extra value you can add to their businesses.
  • You can provide advice and services that will add to your clients 'bottom line' instead of subtracting from it

* Requires 'ClientM8™' software - optional extra in Basic Program

Your BIG Decision - Which Program To Choose?

Click on any of the 'Show Me More' links below for full details of the Program most suited to you, your Practice and your Clients.

Not everyone is cut out for this - it's only for those who want to add more value to their clients businesses and not be limited to doing 'just tax'.

As an Accountant in Public Practice you want to serve the public, that's you primary concern and motivation. Just like the medical profession who focus on physical health, you want to make people's lives better (financially speaking) if that is at all possible.

This is what Daniel Odd FCPA of Accounting Perspectives decided as did Coral Page FIPA of Knox Taxation and Business Advisory and Richard Hinz FCPA of Presidential Accounting.

They were unsure at the beginning until they learned how simple and easy it truly is to give clients simple yet valuable business advice without having to subscribe to a software or online advisor system requiring payments of hundreds of $$'s month after month, year after year.

You can join them today and enjoy the confidence they now have.

"Kerry King’s guidance and tools greatly assisted in the process of transitioning to the provision of business advisory services, which our clients are calling out for, whether they know it or not!

Kerry’s program is the best value I have come across in more than three decades.

He is very approachable and is always on hand to offer assistance."

Warren Paterson FIPA
Warren Paterson FIPA Mason Paterson & Co.

"I feel differently about your software. Why? Because it is so simple to use, and understand. And that’s what I, and my clients, need."

Practitioners who have completed the Program or attended one of my Business Advisor training workshops say this:

Richard Hinz FCPA

"As I work through the course I am gaining more confidence in how I can approach the jobs that I have.

This means that I can approach a job with the confidence that I will be giving intelligent, constructive support ... rather than trying to come up with strategies that may or may not work"

Richard Hinz FCPA, Presidential Accounting
Tracey Loubser FIPA

"I attended one of your sessions here at IPA Perth a while back...and it was your talk that gave me a boot up the you-know-what to take my business to the next step!!

You are an awesome role model and such a "Change-Maker"

Tracey Loubser FIPA, Confidential Cash Flows
Mark Trimmer FCPA

"What value, what simplicity in presentation, that will all assist in raising the right questions, and presenting the right diagrams to finally help the client at a level that they will understand and value.

Thank you, Kerry for your products and training, we are looking forward to the future with fresh assurance of acquiring and helping more business clients …."

Mark Trimmer FCPA, Mark D. Trimmer & Co.

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