When I wrote my first Blog on this subject (Free Consultation), I got some negative feedback. Not entirely unexpected I suppose, lots of Accounting Practices do it!

However, after a little more thought I think I should have rephrased my content.

What should have said was, if you’re doing this then re-think what you are offering.

To provide a ‘Consultation’ implies that you are going to share valuable intellectual property which you already provide to your clients and charge them for it. Now you’re giving it away for free! Doesn’t seem fair does it?

In hindsight, I think this offer should be presented as ‘Free INFORMATION’ but called ‘Free Consultation’.

Let me clarify this.

By sharing information you are providing value to your prospect.

It could be simply something like this.

Question (to prospect):

“Do you know the 4 ways to grow profit in a business?”

Most will only come up with 1 or maybe 2 at best. But I’ve never met a business owner who can give you all 4.

In fact, 4 becomes 6 when you look at it more closely.

Simply by sharing this ‘Information’ (the 4 – or 6 – ways to grow profit in a business) is a valuable service in itself.

It not only reveals but also teaches your prospect how they can immediately go back to their business and implement change in specific ways that they were not aware of before meeting with you.

What you haven’t done is to demonstrate what impact each one of the 4 or 6 ways will have on their bottom line.

This is a service you can offer and be paid for. I called it the ‘Profit Discovery Workshop™’.

If you’d like a copy of my diagram or ‘road map’ to the 6 ways to grow profit in a business, leave a comment below.

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