"The impetus and driving force gained by developing a process or course of events."

The '3-Month Momentum Program™' Is Perfect To Set You Up For Business Advisory Services With Your Clients.

Kerry King - Business Advisor and Mentor

Hi, Kerry King here.

“I developed the '3-Month Momentum Program™' to help busy Tax Accountants break the inertia created by the 'compliance comfort zone' and get the rewards they and their clients deserve, guiding and advising them on how to grow the profit and cash flow of their businesses.

The '3-Month Momentum Program™' is designed to get you in front of clients 'talking business' faster than you ever believed possible. A 'compliance services only' Practice meets part of their needs but not all of them.

Your clients need someone to show them how to increase the profit, cash flow and value of their businesses.

No more nerves or procrastination, you'll have complete confidence when you ask clients: 'How's business going?' And no matter what their response, you'll be ready to guide and advise them on how they can get better business results.

Don't let the 'compliance work only' business model hold you back from your next level of professional services.

Here's how you'll do it:

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    SET UP

    Completing the '1-Month Kick-start Program™' (see link below for details) is a pre-requisite to commencing this Program which is included in the course fee.

  • 2

    1:1 COACHING

    Now that you have the tools, training and skills to work with clients on Advisory Services it's time to test your analytical skills using current client data.
    In these 3 X 1 hour coaching sessions you'll get immediate feedback and guidance in how you've applied your learning from the Advisor Kick-start Program™ so that you aren't blinded by past thinking patterns and open to new possibilities for clients.

  • 3


    In 3 X 1 hr. on-line video training sessions you get the 'soft skills' that most Practitioners haven't learned but are vital to successfully working with clients on business advisory services.
    Session #1 - Communication Skills for Professionals
    Session #2 - Selling (without being 'salesy') Skills for Professionals
    Session #3 - Product Development Design Principles for Professionals

  • 4

    3 months Hot-line Support

    At the end of your Advisor Momentum Program™ you get 3 months of on-line video support via Zoom or Skype to get clarification and support as you begin your journey providing Business Advisory Services to your clients.

"The Momentum you need to start building your cash flow and fee base providing business advisory services"

Program Value $3,985 You Pay Only $2,997*

Or make 4 monthly payments of $997*

* GST to be added.


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What's next?

Perhaps your aiming even higher for your clients and want to add even more value to your professional relationship.

To investigate the '12-Month Mentor Program™' just click on the 'Show Me More' link to the right.

Check it out now and enjoy even higher savings.


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