“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

John C Crosby
American Politician 1859-1943

For Accounting Professionals Who Want To Deliver High Value Services, Attract Their Ideal Business Clients And Set Their Practice Apart

Enrolling In The '12-Month Mentor Program' Consolidates Your Confidence, Expertise And Reputation As The Complete Business Advisor.

If you want to attract more high quality, higher paying clients to your Practice, then join one of the '12-Month Mentor Program' to create your next level of success.

Kerry King - Business Advisor and Mentor

Hello, my name is Kerry KIng.

“Please join me in the '12-Month Mentor Program' to create your Business Advisory Career learning 1st hand from my 20+ year career as a Business Advisor.“

The '12-Month Mentor Program' is designed to get you in front of clients 'talking business' faster than you ever believed possible. No more nerves, no more procrastination.

You'll have complete confidence when you ask your clients 'How's business going?'. No matter what their response you'll be ready to offer solid, practical advice on how to get better business results.

Your clients will be impressed to say the least. In very simple terms you'll be able to cut through the clutter to guide and advise your clients on how profit and cash flow is improved in their businesses.

The tools, training and guidance you receive as part of your '12-Month Mentor Program' will position you as the 'go to' person when it comes to business advice in your community.

The '12-Month Mentor Program' takes your skills and knowledge as a Business Advisor to the highest level.

In this training, you will cover:

  • 1

    Program Pre-requisite

    Practitioners complete the '3-Month Momentum Program™' as a pre-requisite to this Program and is included in the course fee.

  • 2

    Business Mentor Program™

    In a structured sequence of 6 individual folders, you are taken through the '6 Pillars™ of Successful Business'.
    Those '6 Pillars™' are:
    1. Begin With The End In Mind
    2. Planning Your Business;
    3. Growing Your Business;
    4. Managing Your Business;
    5. Valuing Your Business;
    6. Exiting Your Business.
    These folders become your 'go to' business advisor reference library.
    With each folder you receive a 2 hour 1:1 on-line de-brief consultation so that the lessons learned are re-enforced and tested and all questions are answered.
    Upon completion of the Program, you then have a complete, ready made product to offer your clients so that they too get the benefit of guidance and mentoring.
    All resources and training necessary to do this are provided as part of your Program.

  • 3

    12 months Hot-line Support

    During and after each part of your '12-Month Mentor Program™' is competed, you are not left to work through this change in your (and your team) professional life.
    You get 1:1 on-line mentor support for the full 12 months of your Program.
    This support can be used to:
    a) Discuss a particular clients case and get feedback on your advisory options, or
    b) Discuss marketing strategies you propose implementing to attract more clients
    c) Review of any part of your training or use of any particular advisory tool received during the Program, or
    d) Get advice or guidance on other matters involving your professional life and done in complete confidence.

Real Success From Real Clients ...

It is testimony to the satisfaction a client gets following completion one of our Programs when they willingly put 'pen to paper' to tell others of their experience.

Are you doing this with your clients?

PS  Remember to ask me about the 'Net Promoter Score' during one of your on-line  training sessions.

Joe Thorley, Director

I have just completed the … Mentoring Program with Kerry King and am happy to provide this testimonial of my experience.

The depth of content is awesome. It ’s is more than I need sometimes but I think there are advantages for anyone doing this regardless of the size of your business. The keys are all there to create the right strategy to move your business to the next level if that ’s what you want to do.

There is your message of “Stepping up,” well I’ve found this really true, it has actually been difficult making myself get through what I’ve done so far. Somehow you’ve been able to get me to step up and do the work required and importantly challenged me to go further and not give up. I’ve needed to negotiate through and find a way instead of backing off.

And finally, I think what you do puts the focus on me doing the work, you know “If it ’s meant to be it ’s up to me” Brian Tracy I think.

If things are going to change with my business I’m going to have to change, It ’s not always easy to do that and sometimes you need someone to point out the truth (With some real meat on it) that you would never of seen by yourself.

Joe Thorley, Director Thorley Creative
Michael and Anita Payet

We just wanted to say thank you for guiding us through your business mentoring program.

As a new small business we found the information invaluable and highly relevant to growing our business effectively.  So much of what you teach is not taught to small businesses so it was great to find a system that wasn’t just theory but that could be applied to our business practically as well.

We really got a lot out of the review sessions with you as well as you challenged us to think beyond what we ‘already knew’ and we often came away with a few great ideas that we could implement into our business immediately.

Being a small business owner and talking with other small business owners I have discovered that there are other courses out there that are similar but not as personal as your business mentoring program, for a fraction of the price some are paying as well.

It was a great investment both personally and professionally for Mike and I.

Michael and Anita Payet Assurance Solar and Electrical

Real Results From Real Practitioners ...

Alan Elphinstone FIPA

INPAT Accounting, Sunnybank, Qld.

Trevor Wolff FIPA

Trevor Wolff & Associates, Many West, Qld..

"Everything you need to build your cash flow and fee base providing business advisory services"

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Or make 12 monthly payments of $997*

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