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Setting Strategies for Improving Financial Outcomes

Once the basics have been mastered (using the ClientSAFE™Business Advisor Tool Kit) something with a little more sophistication may be needed to decide on and hone strategies to improve the profit, cash flow and value of a client’s business. And this is where the 'AdvisorM8™' software comes into play.

Now there are lots and lots of other software out there including that which is provided as a part of an online accounting package. Unfortunately in many circumstances the range of reports, charts and tables is far more than most practitioners and business owners need or understand.

All you are likely to end up with is more confusion.

Using the 'AdvisorM8™' a lot of the complication has been avoided with simple input and immediate calculation of the important numbers that every business owner needs to know. Again, this follows the principle that ‘less is more’.

The 'AdvisorM8™' comprises the following:

  • Profit Explorer™ model
  • Cash Flow Explorer™ model
  • Financial Analyser™ model
  • Ratio Analyser™ Report

Each serves a specific purpose supporting Accountants to give simple and very effective advice on how to improve the profitability and cash flow of their clients' businesses.

Improving Profit

Profit Explorer™ Model

Using the 6 Drivers of Profitability, ‘Profit Explorer™’ will quickly and powerfully allow an Accountant to show a client the profit impact of improving any 1 of the 6 Profit Drivers in a business.

One of the features that enables this is the ‘quick calc’ buttons which will show what the effect on profit will be if a 1%, 5% or 10% change in all 6 drivers will do for the business.

A quick ‘reset’ clears those changes to allow the Accountant in consultation with their client to invent a mixture of improvement strategies to achieve the desired change in profitability.

This is what 1 client said after a short session ‘exploring the profit opportunity’ in his business:

 Re-keying initial data is avoided if both the ‘Financial Analyser™’ is used in conjunction with the ‘Profit Explorer™’ model.

“After spending just 2 hours with Kerry King I was able to go away and implement some very easy principles that have produced results. I estimate that Kerry has helped me add over $150,000.00 to my bottom line with very little effort. This was the best two hours I invested in my company. I look forward to doing further workshops with him and watching the company profits leap even further! “

Len Bignell
Tornado Towing Rocklea, QLD

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Improving Cash Flow

Cash Flow Explorer™ Model

Using the essential elements of the 'cash cycle' in a business ‘Cash Flow Explorer™’ will quickly and powerfully allow an Accountant to show a client the cash impact of improving any 1 of the 3 cash flow elements in the cash flow cycle of a business.

One of the features that enables this is the ‘scenario' button which that will show what the effect on the 'cash at bank/overdraft' will be if the cycle (measured in days outstanding) are reduce anywhere from 1 - 30 days will do for the business.

A quick ‘reset’ clears those changes to allow the Accountant in consultation with their client, to develop a mixture of strategies to achieve the desired improvement in cash at bank position of the business.

Re-keying initial data is avoided because the ‘Financial Analyser™’ model is used in conjunction with the ‘Cash Flow Explorer™’ model through the 'import' feature.

Daniel Odd FCPA

I’d like to thank you Kerry for the software, and training. Outstanding.

One of the dangers that so many of my peers and I face is the fact that we can “get by” in business as accountants, without doing anything much different.

Compliance has made us either complacent, or lazy, or both. Oh sure, we talk all the time about how we WANT to help our clients, and WANT to discuss their business with them, and WANT to offer solutions, but how many of us actually do? Not many. And of those of us that do look at various means of helping our clients, we have a spurt of enthusiasm, followed by falling back into the same-old same-old.

I feel differently about your software. Why? Because it is so simple to use, and understand. And that’s what I, and my clients, need.

So again, I thank you. I think that you will be hearing from me again, with client testimonials in tow.”

Daniel Odd FCPA, Longboard Accountants, Ringwood, Vic.

Analysing and Setting Financial Strategies

Financial Analyser™ Model

Once summary data has been transferred from the year-end financial statements to the ‘Financial Analyser™’ model, all of the Key Performance Indicators are produced and on display.

These include most working capital ratios, Return on Assets and Business Valuation are also provided.

At this point you can transfer the data across to the 'Profit Explorer™' model, develop the profit improvement strategy and then recreate the resulting Profit and Loss figures to see what effect  it has on key result aspects of the business e.g. Return on Assets, Business Value, Break-even Sales and Fundable Growth Rate etc.

 All of this happens very quickly and can be done as a year-end workshop with your client which has enormous value adding aspects to the relationship.

Richard Hinz FCPA

I have been exploring various options/programs over the past few years so that I can work with my clients to deliver, value added, business advice rather than just tax advice.

My biggest concerns were the astronomical cost of the programs, the excessive amount of time it took to learn the system and finally whether it really was going to deliver value to the client …

Kerry’s simple to use process is a great way to get started. It is simple, unobtrusive and very Australian (No “Ra Ra” lets dance and praise the Gods, just simple, honest guides).

I am excited to learn more from Kerry so that I can start being a truly valuable adviser to my clients.

Richard Hinz FCPA Presidential Accounting

Analysing Working Capital Management

The Ratio Analyser Report™ gives you a detailed ‘Working Capital’ analysis which clearly shows which parts of the operating cycle need attention and those that appear, for the time being, to be on the  ‘safe side’.

Not only do you see the key inputs on the top half of the report but you also see the ratios for each component of the operating cycle and an immediate flag of the current level of risk each  one poses for the business.

Using the ‘less is more’ principle you can choose 2 or 3 at the most of the ratios to discuss with your client on the importance of the ratio and its current value.

Used in conjunction with the ‘ClientSAFE™’ Business Advisor Tool Kit, you can discuss ways the chosen ratios can be improved and quantify the improvement during the discussion.

This discussion can lead to decisions that are needed and this can be fed back into your "Financial Analyser™’ model to measure the effect of this on the ‘Key Result’ areas of the business.

 A complete package, done simply and explained easily which will build confidence in your client and your team each time you use these tools.

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Real Success From Real Practitioners ...

It is testimony to the satisfaction Practitioners get following completion of our training Programs or Workshops when they willingly put 'pen to paper' to tell others of their experience.

Are you doing this with your clients?

Tracey Loubser FIPA

“I attended one of your sessions here at IPA Perth a while back…and it was your talk that gave me a boot up the you-know-what to take my business to the next step!!

You are an awesome role model and such a “Change-Maker”

Tracey Loubser FIPA Confident Cashflows
Coral Page FIPA

The ready reckoners provided by Kerry are excellent and so practical and easy to use.

Within two days of training I put them to great use with a client who was very nervous about increasing her prices and hadn’t increased them for over two years.

With the ready reckoner I could allay her fears by showing her how many customers she could afford to lose if she introduced a price increase. By Monday morning, she had emailed her clients notifying them of a price rise.

The Entrepreneurial cycle will be a great eye opening for clients we have who think they are an entrepreneur but are really only at the Supervisor level.”

Coral Page FIPA Knox Taxation and Business Advisory
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