AdvisorM8™ software tutorials

Setting Strategies for Improving Financial Outcomes

Video #1: Introduction to AdvisorM8™ software

This is a 'walk through' of AdvisorM8™ software and how it simplifies the process of developing profit improvement strategies and financial analysis of business goals.

Video #3: Creating a Profit Strategy using the Profit Explorer™ model

In this video we demonstrate how the Profit Explorer™ model is used to develop a Budget strategy for Profit Growth.

Video #5: Using the Cash Flow Explorer™ model

In this video we demonstrate how Cash Flow Explorer™ model works developing a cash flow improvement strategy for a business.

Video #2: Demonstrating the Profit Explorer™ model

Using the Profit Explorer™ model to show clients the power of improving profitability through strategic choices and not by simply targeting numbers.

Video #4: Using the 'Just 1% Improvement Scenario' button in Profit Explorer™ model.

In this video we demonstrate using the 'Just 1%' improvement scenario button in the Profit Explorer™ model and the effect on the profitability of a business.

Video #6: Using the Cash Flow Explorer™ model to set cash targets.

Demonstration, using the Cash Flow Explorer™ model, of how to target turning a $50,000 bank overdraft balance into a positive bank balance.

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