Great Clients Make For A Great Practice

Choosing The Right Clients Has A Major Impact On Whether Or Not A Practice 'Thrives' Or Merely 'Survives'

If you've made poor client choices in the past then watch the message I have for you in this video about a Dentist who changed his choice in clients and the results he got for himself, his team and his Practice.

One of the most important decisions you can make for your Practice is to choose the right clients to work with.

This decision requires some critical assessment of whom or what the ideal client looks like. Some may describe their best client(s) as ‘5 Star’ clients, others may call them ‘A Class’ clients and others may refer to them as ‘Gold Class’ clients.

What ever term you choose, they are likely to have qualities such as these:

  1. Always pays on time (or in advance)
  2. Makes regular referrals
  3. Is always enjoyable to work with
  4. Acts immediately on your advice
  5. Always responds promptly to queries

Until you've done a thorough analysis of your client list, defining your 'best' (most attractive) clients is like throwing darts at a dart board without numbers. And even worse if you don't know where the 'bulls eye' is!

How much is working with the wrong clients costing you, your Practice and your team?

Reviewing client attractiveness  is not a ‘one off’ exercise, this assessment should be done regularly, at least annually and every time you take on a new client you must make a determination as to whether or not that client is likely to become a ‘5 Star’ client.

There are important measures involved in the assessment process which quickly sorts ‘the wheat from the chaff’ (pardon my expression) and using ‘ClientM8™’ makes this task a breeze.

No practice should be without a tool that keeps you focused on which clients to target for retention and those who have the possibility of becoming one of your ‘5 Star’ clients.

Check out these videos to see how easy and powerful it is to use!

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