ClientM8™ Demonstration Videos

Analysing your client base to determine who your best clients and which clients to target in the future.

Video #1: Client Selection

Choosing the most suitable clients can be the difference between 'working for wages' and being rewarded for the high level of expertise provided by Accountants.

Video #3Demonstrating the Import and Set Up features of ClientM8™ software.

How to import your client list and select your preferred criterion to determine client suitability ranking.

Video #2: Introduction to ClientM8™ software

Use this simple, easy to use software to analyse your client base and get a clear picture of which clients are the most valuable to your practice.

Video #4: Demonstrating the Reporting features in ClientM8™ software.

Using the 'Reports' function in ClientM8™ software to reveal the hidden picture of your client base.

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